The Gogi

$ $
Alexandra Central (321 Alexandra Road)
Singapore, 159971


  • Spicy chicken with melted cheese
  • Really yummy for the marinated chicken !
  • The middle-aged to elder folks would not be able to appreciate The Army Stew when there see these Korean Instant Noodles (4 small squares per packet, the youngster ordered another packet).
  • Korean BBQ meat with pleasant sauce and veg and some side dishes The yellow liquid around the hotpan is egg.
  • Korean BBQ meat with pleasant sauce and veg (Scissors are provided to cut the long slices of meat into bite-size for sharing.)
  • If 2-3 person eat, can order a la carte 2-3 types of meat for BBQ (cos it comes with side dishes, egg and veg) and order white rice or their popular Ginseng Chicken Soup and popular Seafood Pancake.
  • Will be back again for this more simple version and addictive a la carte meal with nice sauce and fresh veg eventhough the oily smell was lingering on our clothes and hair after having meal here
  • Bags could be kept in the enclosed container below the seats to reduce oily smell
  • Yes I like this. Had the BBQ meat and it was seasoned to perfection. Charcoal was used for the grill and side dishes were hearty and done well.
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