Giovanni's Deliworld

Bakery, Deli / Bodega
99-105 Main Rd
iKapa, Western Cape
+27 21 434 6893


  • killer coffee
  • After an early run along the seafront, recharge with breakfast here and get the ham-and-cheese ciabatta sandwich with a cappuccino.
  • Awesome coffee
  • The best, best Tikka Chicken in the world. Consistently over the last 11 years. Trust me.
  • Great deli with good selection of international ingredients. We stopped here to pick up dinner items to cook at home. Sublime.
  • Best coffee in town!
  • The finest deli in this city, bar none. Pastries, coffee, all manner of deliciousness, local & imported.
  • My favorite roasted beef with marinated peppers!!
  • Awesome Paninis ya'll
  • Best hot chocolate in the world!
  • French Baguette with Ham+Cheese+Tomato
  • In weather like this, their roasted vegetables are a must!
  • Croissants are big and delicious
  • Place is a joke when its busy. Okes behind the counter are about as fast as a snail
  • the best date balls in Cape Town & their cappuccinos are pretty delicious too..
  • Choice you prefered type of bread then make your own sandwich, cappuccino was good.
  • Little Italy love this place..
  • Lovely ambience and the best deli you can find! The best ingredients for creating your own sandwiches.
  • Very good alternatives for your own sandwich design...cappuccino with chocolate is my favourite...
  • Pes deliciosos. Tudo dinmico, bastante gente, mas as coisas fluem. Preos ok (croissant 5 reais, por ex)

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