G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge G7新馬砂煲活田鸡 (G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge)

Chinese, Asian
5 Cheong Chin Nam Rd (opp Beauty World Centre)
Singapore, 599730


  • ! Simply the best. Thumbs up!
  • Buy 4 get 3 free. Too salty
  • The marmite chicken is very good.
  • Find out who's Momo :D
  • Value for money! It's worth it! D chilling frog legs r simply irresistible!
  • Very delicious, but parking is a little problem here. N You will have to leave once you're done no casual chit chat allows they will clear your table soon..
  • Yum but a little too spicy for me tho
  • Make sure you mix the dark gravy with the porridge!
  • I often my kids to eat the frog porridge there! Simply love the sauce and aroma of the frog porridge!! We also love the oyster eggs and French beans... Yummy!! And my kids love the too!!
  • Buy 3 get 2 at $22. Total bill for 2 pax $27. Frog was good but I Do not like the porridge though.
  • Love the claypot kung pow frogs with porridge. It's best with the G7 Special Toufu and sambal kangkong!
  • Business Hours 3PM to 3AM
  • Prawn Rolls are worth a try!
  • Yummy frog leg porridge open late at night. The catfish is done in the exact same sauce
  • The china waitress here totally no manners
  • Try the honey glazed beancurd. Yummy!
  • Dinner!:-)
  • One of the best dried chilli frog porridge in Singapore. Value for money. Must try!
  • To me is very near frm my Hm better than travel to geylang lor 3! The frogleg here average.
  • The aloe Vera drink really got no aloe Vera! Wonder y do they give the fatter straw for.. Time to manage customer expectation!

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