Fushenghao Bowled Rice Cakes (富盛號碗粿)

臺南市, 臺南市 700
+886 6 227 4101


  • Must eat every time we visit Tainan... Eat-in is interesting exhaust they serve with traditional wooden spork like utensil...
  • Q
  • great !!! I love it.. But have to wait a long time .. Is really crowed
  • Menu: rice cakes and soup. No options. Great!
  • Looks disgusting, tastes absolutely amazing.
  • Felt a bit over rated. The cake was ok, garlic did make it better.
  • Definitely authentic and must try! They have 2 shops near to each other..
  • better to eat with garlic and sweet spice sauce
  • Rise cake for breakfast. Contains small schrimps & beef!
  • 4pm
  • So palatable that you want to have more!

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