Food Court

Food Court
30 Mall Dr W (Newport Mall)
Jersey City, NJ 07310


  • Walk around the entire food court and you can have dinner from all the free samples and not pay a single thing. This is genius
  • Steal as many free samples as you can!
  • Eat as many free samples as humanly possible!
  • In a place that's devoid of too many options, this food court is probably the go-to place for most families & singles in the area. Pretty good set of options to eat. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)
  • Allot of choices the are great indeed
  • Eat here with caution. Gotten ill a few times too many from the more adventurous selections.
  • mall sushi? really?
  • Many options to eat, good seating space, clean, nice location, close to the PATH
  • The Dahi puri/shev puri is so big in size that one cannot eat it at once. Little disappointed
  • Muy buena comida
  • soda and free sample buffet 8improv dot com
  • Alcoholic beverages not available
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  • Get attacked by free samples!
  • Get attacked bt free sample people!
  • free samples at the food courr
  • The only mall that you have to pay for parking. Not recommended
  • There are roaches in the men's bathroom!
  • Down with tony!

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