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C. Sepúlveda, 38-40 (Entença)
Barcelona, Cataluña 08015


  • Everything at Enigma is not only beyond tasty it is also beautiful. Look at the composition of this dish!
  • Enigma is not just about eating and drinking, it's about the experience. Exquisite food, decor and service are just the beginning of the gastronomic journey that is Enigma.
  • Starts as a very high-concept magic show but slowly turns into a very pleasent (and long) evening of great dishes.
  • Men degustacin y Servicio
  • Exquisite restaurant. It's not just the delicious food it's the entire experience of food, service and drinks. The standing concept seems a bit odd at the beginning.
  • Nothing can be explained. Everything has to be experienced!
  • Que me gusto?Pues no encontre una respuesta.me entendeis? Si tengo un recuerdo de Tickets, otro de Disfrutar, otro de El celler de Can Roca, otra dels Tinars y asi te puedo contar.
  • When at the final Enigma, Bar 41, don't sit at the bar if you have a choice: the lights are at eye height, blinding you at every turn.
  • Mind blowing food and the speakeasy at the end is so much fun. It takes a long time and definitely more of an experience than your usual dinner. Go with an open mind and savour every bite!
  • Molecular crapstronomy. 4-5 hours meal.... Beware youll be serve with innards and brains. I was fed with rabbit brain
  • We did wine peering the service was only refilling my husband glass he noticed it too and he pour my glass and they all angry to shout on us.. manager ruined our experience!
  • Plates that are not only beyond tasty but truly beautiful.
  • We enjoyed everything but this dish took the humble pea to a whole new level!
  • Una gran experiencia sobre todo si vas con amigos! Recomendable 100%