El Taquito

3410 Main Hwy
Miami, FL 33133


  • Would love to know how the "Shirt Steak" taco is
  • Don't think, just use the green stuff.
  • Quesadillas are basically three tacos with melted cheese. This is a good thing of you're ordering for quantity. I recommend chorizo.
  • Carnitas Tacos wayyy better than churasco .. More of a refreshing taste
  • Gteat service. Good food
  • Try the steak, al pastor and churrasco tacos! They are really good. Especially with cheese and lime!
  • Flautas are really good. You get 3 in one serving. Comes with salad and condiments.
  • Salsitas y tacos d carnitas!
  • Cheap eats! Love the tacos!
  • The chicken tacos here are very simple, fresh, and good. Boiled chicken, onions, and cilantro. Cheap. I would go here every day if I lived here. And they have Mexican coke.
  • el d pastor!!
  • Go with the al pastor, they're legit and worth the trip alone.
  • The Torta de carnitas is to die for!!!!
  • 3 taquitos for $5. Hollaaa
  • Combination 2!
  • Extra lime, onion and cilantro always!
  • Al pastor and carnitas tacos. Wash it down with Mexican orange soda. Friendly cashier and chef have great smiles!
  • SLOW but there's only one guy working. Lets hope the tacos are good
  • Everything here is awesome sober and even better when drunk.
  • Eehh, tacos were whatever, they all tasted the same. They were out of nacho chips. The thin lady at register was rude + dry. Overcharged!!

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