El Mariachi

614 Thompson Ln (at Eugenia Ave.)
Nashville, TN 37204



  • Two for one beers!!!
  • Margaronas... No. Just no. What makes these good?
  • The staff is amazing!!!
  • Lunch Fajita are real good but you get no rice. First place to not serve rice with fajitas. 2013 3.75 stars.
  • That Isaac dude is totally right. Or wrong. I dunno. I've had too many margaronas.
  • Great salsa!
  • Outdoor patio is awesome.
  • The Alex Special is the best dish on the menu!
  • I love their Aztec soup - can't get it anywhere else!
  • Awesome food, great patio!!!
  • Try the chilaquiles. They taste like a Mexican version of lasagna! Best Mexican dish I've ever had.
  • I love the huge covered outdoor patio at El Mariachi. Perfect for a group get-together or dinner before a movie at 100 Oaks. I also love Gilled Chicken Plate #2. It's simply chicken, rice & queso.
  • Not very good IMHO, felt like I wasted my money. Baja burrito right down the block is much better. The guacamole tasted really weird to me and a chicken and cheese quesadilla which was just okay. :/
  • Sit on the patio! And get some queso!
  • It is OK. No la hacienda...
  • We used to frequent this establishment often. We haven't eaten here in over year until today. What used to be awesome margaritas were NASTY. We even switched it to top shelf.. NASTY. Will not be back.
  • 2 for 1 drafts = $5 for 64oz of bud light (almost a 6 pack) :)
  • This place has awesome service, really nice hosts!
  • Place is damn good.
  • Chile rellenos tasted like dish soap....everything else was awesome.

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