El Limon

446 Lancaster Ave
Frazer, PA 19355
(484) 321-2308



  • Great spot if you eat meat. Must visit just for their mole sauce.
  • I have no words. This place is genius.
  • Amazing Burrito. Don't forget to try the red sauce
  • Maybe I have a different kind of palette. Maybe the food is from a region of Mexico that I'm not familiar with. Dunno, but the food was...blah. Memorable, and not in a good way. My search continues...
  • Authentic Mexican food. Picture is burrito with mole.
  • Fajitas and Chips + Guacamole
  • Authentic mexican in bumble PA. Al Pastor, Lengua, and Camarones with a Carne Asada Quesadilla on the way :) #fooditude