El Burrito Mexicano

1219 Maple Ave (at Lincoln Ave)
Lisle, IL 60532
(630) 960-5799
9:00am - 2:00am
9:00am - 2:00am
9:00am - 2:00am
9:00am - 2:00am
9:00am - 4:00am
9:00am - 4:00am
9:00am - 2:00am



  • If it's your lunch break, eat here with caution. You may be very sleepy the rest of the afternoon but it's worth it because this place is delicious and the burritos really are giant like the menu says
  • The green salsa is amazingly delicious.
  • Chimichanga's are really good here. So are the tacos, and basically everything.
  • Eat one of everything.
  • Great steak tacos!
  • Can't go wt
  • I grew up in Summit, with the original El Faro and La Famous burrito started and Eek Burrito Mexicano is the best I've had since then !!
  • The best mexican ib the area. Hands down
  • Get the El Pastor
  • Steak burrito suizo ..... GREAT !!!
  • Best authentic Mexican around!
  • Best place around
  • Get pastor tacos with onions & cilantro only. Ask for fresh lime and real fresh jalapeo. Squeeze of lime on taco and take a bite. Amazing. Then after every bite of taco bite on jalapeo. GOOD STUFF!
  • The horchata is very good!
  • I've eaten there a couple of times now and both the burrito and chimichanga were very very greasy. Not high quality ingredients either. But they give you A LOT-O-Food!
  • Burrito Suizo.
  • Great menudo everyday, very few places offer that
  • Burritos are too big. Chorizo tacos are very good. Serviceable el pastor. Cheap eats, fast food, probably the most authentic Mexican food in the immediate area.
  • Bistec con Raja was tasty as hell. It was worth it. Squeeze some lime in every bite for extra flavor.
  • Excellent tamales! I just wish they offered a smaller serving size for the French fries. I mean, I love fries and even I think I'm getting too much.

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