Dragon Jade

14432 Excelsior Blvd (Woodhill Rd)
Minnetonka, MN 55345


  • Get the General Chicken Lunchon Special with no veggies/extra spicy. It's the best!
  • Everything
  • Amazingly fast takeout. Ordered 2 egg rolls, 1 tiger pork, 1 chicken lo mein. The food was ready in 3 minutes and was very good!
  • Awesome lunch specials between $5-$7. Weekdays from 11-3. Sesame chicken, ask for it extra spicy!
  • It was good
  • Great service. Love the takeout as well. Chicken wings are a good deal.
  • The honey walnut shrimp is essentially shrimp drenched in miracle whip. If you're a fan of mayo, go for it.
  • They have great food! Try their Honey Walnut Shrimp!