Douce France

Bakery, Café
2471 Yonge St (Erskine)
Toronto, ON M4P 2H6
(647) 348-7661


  • One of a kind! Really good coffee! French ambiance! Cozy! Lovely...
  • The fleur de sel caramels are great!
  • This place is great!!! The staff are all bilingual and friendly! The croissants are the best in the GTA and the coffee is outstanding! One of the few bright spots of Yonge/Eg
  • Delicious coffee! Great selection of imported olives,and olive oil. The baked goods are brilliant!
  • Crossiants are the best!
  • The fresh almond chocolate croissant with authentic French cream coffee is top fuel for starting a relaxing day.
  • yummy chocolate and pain ah chocolat here