Danish Bakery (丹麥餅店)

Bakery, Hot Dogs
G/F, Leishun Court, 106 Leighton Rd
+852 2576 7353


  • Their old style hot dogs are great.
  • A very old style HK bakery. Pork chop buns, fish burgers and chicken legs are great here. Bread is amazing. A little gem in CWB.
  • The sausage and the hit dog bun is really soft, which I can say is the best hot dog I've ever had. There's some sauce inside that I cannot tell what it is but it definitely tastes good!
  • Heavenly pork chop buns!
  • Cheap deep fried chicken leg for $11.
  • Ask for extra salt on your chicken leg or double the beef on your cheeseburger. You wont regret it!
  • slings greasy burgers and fried chicken legs for 40 years. Not unusual to see workers and car mechanics dining topless
  • Ultimate comfort food...fried chicken leg, pork bun, fish fillet bun, childhood memories:)
  • My Favourite go to fried chicken stall in causeway Bay. So down to earth local. Milk tea is really good too!
  • Latest price as on 5/7/2016.
  • Pork chop bun and tea with daily milk are gr8!
  • Best to go with someone who speaks Chinese
  • i love the fish fillet bun, they are hot and crispy.
  • Big fan of the pork chop...could skip the hot dog and just eat the bun.
  • Their hot dog only cost $12 !!
  • Hot and crispy fish fillet bun with salad and tomato sauce. Made immediately when you place the order. Though the middle part of the fillet gets soft because of the sauce. Still nice.
  • They bake their bread in house and it's surely the highlight of the menu, so no matter hotdog or hamburger to get, they are all good. Other than that, don't miss the deep fried chicken leg
  • Famous for its Hot Dogs but the pastries are also worth a try.
  • Popular after school snack spot. Hot dogs still taste the same after all these years!
  • Old school burgers are great.

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