Da Dong Roast Duck (大董烤鸭 Da Dong Roast Duck)

Peking Duck
南京西路1601号越洋广场5楼 (常德路)
上海市, 上海市
+86 21 3253 2299


  • Duck over to the FREE WINE bar while you wait for your duck.
  • There is a reason the wine in the waiting area is free. Drinks at the bar are very reasonable and won't make you want to spit out whatever it is that you've ordered.
  • verpriced. Beautiful restaurant but starting cleaning the open woodfire duck oven at 9pm while all the guests are still having dinner is unacceptable! The smell of detergent kills everything!
  • PWD:66666666
  • No matter how many Peking duck places I try, Dadong is my NO1 go to for Peking duck.
  • No matter how many Peking duck places I try, I always come back to Dadong as my No1 choice for Peking duck.
  • El pato espectacular. Dimsum, tallarines, xiao long bao
  • Expensive but the duck is really good. Presentations are creative. A group of 4 can get away with the small portions on most. Decor is usually weird but meant to be fancy. Good for biz and visitors.
  • Very disappointing. Not nearly as good as the meal I had in Beijing. Everything was way too sweet for some reason. (I would recommend Da Dong if u r in Beijing though)
  • If you don't want to reserve or wait show up after 8:15pm
  • Pricy, service is OK except they only receive dinner reservation at 5 and 7 pm. Fusion food, paired with Chinese poem, yes, poem, you can read but can not eat. Duck is good, sea cucumber is so creamy.
  • Bejing duck is so tender
  • Peking Duck
  • very good in all aspects.
  • The best beijing duck finally arrived to Shanghai!!!
  • Duck, seafood soup, beef, seafood, black bean noodles (zha jiang mian) are all terrific
  • -
  • Reserve a table for 7pm and then still need to wait 15 minutes. Duck was good, fish fillets very good, doumiao with garlic good. Friend wanted the bbq eel, I didn't like it so much.
  • Really bad management. I reserved a table at 7pm, and the receptionist told me that I gotta wait coz' the people who are at the table hasn't finished yet. So, we waited for another 30 minterrible
  • Duck is the best! The rest is not worth it!

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