Cook Out

Burgers, Fast Food, Ice Cream
3624 Hillsborough Rd (at Cole Mill Rd.)
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 382-2814


  • Some dude got shot here last night!
  • There are anywhere from 40 to 52 milkshake flavors on the menu depending on the time of the year. Have you tried them all?
  • Almost got shanked here by rednecks before all the workers in cookout rolled out and fucked em up. Legends, good food and they always got your back.
  • There's no sauce on the ranch chicken wraps. It's just chicken
  • One of the best breakfast places in the area. Watch where you park, the further from the drive-thru the sketchier it gets...
  • BBQ sandwich soo good
  • Banana berry NO cherry milkshake. Thanks me later.
  • Yumm corndog
  • Favorite milkshake - peanut butter banana + walnut + chocolate malt. The bacon wrap and onion rings are excellent sides.
  • can't make up your mind on a milkshake flavor? little-known fact: you can mix any combination of flavors you want.
  • I always come here for cheesecake. You can use all the toppings and as many as you want from the milkshakes!!!! Yummy
  • Triple berry milkshake... The best last minute add-on ever. Your welcome
  • Get you a side of corn dog, son! Blessings.
  • It's often cheaper to get the tray (much more food too) instead of individual items and a drink
  • Can't go wrong with a combo tray! I suggest the bbq sandwich, onion rings, and corndog with a side of yellow mustard. Choose a huge sweet tea or an awesome shake for your drink. Good & cheap!
  • Try peanut butterfudge chocolate chip milkshake!!!
  • The watermelon milkshakes are amazing. AMAZING. But they're only available in the summer. Pair it with a cheddar style burger or BBQ sandwich. Next best thing? Peach cobbler milkshake. Delish.
  • Cheerwine float mmmmm
  • Strawberry cheesecake milkshake is terrific!
  • The best milkshakes ever. Get a chocolate cherry!!!!

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