Columbine Steakhouse

300 Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80219
(303) 936-9110



  • Never a stranger no matter who you are.
  • Fantastic and cheap! Cash only.
  • Best steakhouse in town, don't let the appearance fool you - there is a reason they have been around for 50-60 years!!!
  • Try the sea salt vanilla ice cream steak, it's the best in town!
  • awesome shrimp n friends.
  • Looks like everything!
  • Fantastic prices for fantastic steak - the trade-off is it's cash only and the ambience is ... Spartan. Get the porterhouse for the best deal. Homemade ranch is great too.
  • It's perfect!!!!! Exactly what it's supposed to be!
  • Agusto:-) y muy rico
  • Let's do this! Gotta have my tbone. #NomNom
  • You tell the two cooks working the grill what you want from the menu hung right above them -- T-bone, New York or porterhouse, burger -- then pay at the register.
  • Late night food
  • Best steak ever! Unbeatable price!
  • Not so good cash only mediocre food mediocre cleanliness.
  • The porterhouse steak is fantastic!
  • 6oz filet w/added shrimp. Surf and turf baby. Also take in the scenery/people in the steeple! XOXOXO
  • Jennifer is a bartender, she is awesome. This place is a local place, don't be mean, ever.
  • Great food from a mom and pops shop ! These are the one u should support!
  • Cash only!
  • Internet password is jetsfly10