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2001 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10306



  • Rob is the best waiter!
  • Since it was built in 1975, Colonnade Diner, on 2001 Hylan Blvd., has served Staten Islands for over forty years. Today, this 24-hour veteran option is still run by the Platis family.
  • I have to agree that Rob is the best waiter in the history of all waiters everywhere! ...very good home style cooking! Better beef stew & Hungarian goulash than my Mom ever made (-sorry Mom ;-)
  • When ya get in the mood for diner food , this is a good place to go. Its in the neighborhood and food is decent.
  • The spanakopita (spinach pie w. Greek salad) is excellent and fresh - even at midnight!!
  • Late night bites.
  • Save your money. Have a Swansons Hungry Man TV dinner. The sodium content not withstanding, it's more enjoyable.
  • This place is sentimental for me so I'm biased. Nifty, quiet atmosphere. Always fast and friendly service even very late. Great cheesecake and awesome food all around. Love their menu and prices.
  • Diner food typical
  • You can't go wrong with any voice. Panninis and wraps are my choice though.
  • Hands down the best diner in Staten Island. Great lunch specials till 3pm. Includes soup, entree, drink and dessert. Food is excellent.
  • 90s hot spot. Now a grilled cheese costs a different price each time you go. Very good chicken wings though!!
  • Great soup!
  • Nice diner not bad service
  • Tip to people making me milkshakes: strive to have it be as much like the one I had here if you want me to enjoy it really well.
  • Best cold slaw on the island
  • Used to be a good diner. Food and service has taken a nose dive in quality. 2 out of 5 stars.
  • The food was ok the waiting time was a lil long. I don't think ill be going back there any time soon.
  • Rob is deff the best waiter ever
  • Sophia is the best waitress. Attentive, kind, sweet, and funny. Ask Larry for her table

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