Chipotle Mexican Grill

Mexican, Burritos, Tacos
7820 Wormans Mill Rd Ste Z (Clemson Corner Shopping Center)
Frederick, MD 21701
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm


  • The staff here couldn't be any slower....go to the one by movie theater
  • Definitely worth skipping here and going to the one in Westview. Slow, inattentive employees who would rather sit and gossip than do their jobs.
  • Rudest staff I've ever had
  • Guac is yummy, but try the queso for a real treat.
  • Im overall a chipotle fan however this is definitely one of the better chipotles. If you have had a bad experience previously at chipotle i would recommend giving this one a try.
  • Barbacoa is delicious.
  • My boyfriend and I got gay bashed by a manager here. We expected more from a company that is all for LGBT individuals. Very disappointed.
  • Bowl con carne BBQ
  • I don't care about your tattoos and what they mean. Give me my food, I'm hungry.
  • Not worried about lines and a out slow lines and service" were always in such a hurry we forget to slow Down " I will take slow lines and amazing food any day .
  • Glacially slow, especially when compared to the Chipotle at Westview. Ordering online is an option, but often results in your food being made well after you arrive, instead of when it was promised.
  • Slowest Chipotle I ever been to. Idk why 4 employees sit down at the same time leaving 2 people behind the counter when the line is at the door.
  • Two many cooks in the kitchen . Slow...
  • Slow slow slow service.
  • Don't even bother. This is the slowest Chipotle ever! Employees are always too busy having social hour and there is absolutely no sense of urgency even when the line is to the door.
  • Definitely order online first. Ridiculous lines ALL the time.
  • Love the food, but hate how very slow they are here.
  • This is a typical Chipotle except everything is ass-backwards. Plus the seating is really weird. What's with the backless stools?
  • The line is painfully slow at peak times. Use the smartphone app to order and go directly to the cashier.
  • Get carry out the seating is horrible here.

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