Chinatown Food Street (牛車水美食街) (Chinatown Food Street)

Food Court


  • Newly renovated Chinatown food street is wider, cleaner, has more stalls offering different foods including Indian food and satays, BBQ chicken and is covered by a massive glass and steel roof
  • Ming Fa fishball noodles must try.. Fishball very 'Q'
  • Odeon beef noodle is terrible here. Nothing like what it's supposed to be.
  • From sumptuous food to sumptuous photos! This place is also good for photowalks. Now grab your camera and take a pic of the lantern, of the wooden food stalls, of this CLEAN Chinatown.
  • Food Street Fried Kway Teow is a must try!
  • , , . , . , 3 - 10$.
  • The chicken rice is dissapointing
  • 11:00 PM
  • Cool down and enjoy Ah Balling soup. Best to go with the ginger soup!
  • Try the fried kuay tiao. Awesome max (:
  • One of the best fried kway teow in Singapore. The dim sum at the corner is good too :)
  • The Food street ice kacang is one of e best around. Its big and worth e price. Their brown sugar is recommended. Chendol, Red rubbies!
  • Satay is pretty good tho sauce was too sweet m thick
  • The food street selling BBQ seafood Prawn is not fresh even after they change for me is still the same. Guys try it if u dare
  • You can find all kind of to local hawker centers a little bit expensive due to tourists
  • Touristy spot
  • The most tasty place in Singapore. If you like Chinese kitchen there you will find heaven. Lot of food, fresh and tasty.
  • U can enjoy very good food....enjoy any place of chinese food.
  • , , ,

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