China Wok

1130 E 32nd St Ste A
Joplin, MO 64804
(417) 625-1024


  • I can easily say this is my second favorite Chinese place in town. Only because the wait is sometimes a little long. But it's very good.
  • Big portions here for cheap prices. Don't bother with the "Large" as you'll be full with a regular size. Also be sure to ask for a student discount!
  • I am hooked on the General chicken. They give you a lot of sauce . Great meal for the price. I recommend calling ahead and going inside to pick up. The drive thru can be really slow if busy.
  • Bomb General Chicken!!!
  • The difference in price between regular and combo meal is 50 cents, but they only offer the combo on a few meals. If its 50 cents more, why not have it available for every meal?
  • Don't order inside to eat. It's dead inside and we've been waiting forever. Seems to be they care more about take out.
  • All of it!
  • I love the hot n sour soup and cashew chicken, general that, egg rolls.....
  • I honestly love this food!!!!!! Best place in the area!!! They do have a wait time when their busy but thats because they only have 2 cooks! Also everything is made fresh and it is so worth the wait!