China House

1240 Park St (Breckenridge)
Palmer, MA 01069
(413) 283-8983



  • Great Chinese food. Huge portions. Great prices. Surprised this place isn't packed all the time!
  • I love going here. It's close, it's familiar, and the food is great!
  • D13, chicken finger, porkfried rice, boneless spareribs, beef teriyaki. Also the lo mein
  • Try the steamed dumplings! Everything here is delicous & the portions are great. Love the atmosphere & decor. Very friendly & efficient staff!
  • It may not be Cheers, but one of the waitresses always seem to know our names even though I only go every other month. Sheri? Good service and I believe the food rivals Golden Peacocks of Springfield.
  • Need to get more variety of beers here
  • Been coming here for many years, the food never changes, it's always decent.
  • Triple Delight is very good
  • Food is good. Great value however..they really need to remodel.