Cha Sio Asan

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Jl. Sun Yat Sen No.123
Medan, Sumatera Utara


  • Best Chinese roast pork in Medan!
  • Cha sio nya enak ;9
  • Surganya bagi Babi fan's club...
  • The best Cha Sio ! Heaven !
  • Tried their Mixed Plate. All the meats are good, but their chasio and their sau-rou are exceptional!
  • The ultimate chasio in Indonesia.
  • Chasio + siobak
  • They have prok ribs now
  • Too juicy-.- bo ho liau
  • Very delicious "juaraaaaaaa"
  • Take away-ing the cha sio pui..smells damn yeah!!
  • My favorite in M city!
  • ahhh the pork!
  • Love the nasi babi here..damn juicy and delicious..!
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