California Restaurant

Row 1

Seoul Street
+976 11 31 9031

Foursquare Tips

  • I can eat here Minday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Great place.
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  • California recently joined forces with Cliffe Arrand of Rosewood fame as their Consulting Chef. Try out his specials!
  • California restaurant ymarch uilchilgee alga!!!!WTF waiterss huleej duudaj 30min bolood garlaa!!!
  • WiFi pass: ULEMJ123
  • Only place that serves dr.pepper
  • One of the best restaurants in UB.
  • California should learn from Rosewood or Veranda when serving bread: bring them hot with olive oil
  • Their "California Burger" with bacon, avocado and salsa topping was absolutely amazing! Soo cheesy too kk
  • Yagaan ongotei shu haha , buh jimsniih n holimog smoothie bn. Sonirholtoi amttai bh gsn.huleelteer zahialsiin. Neeh goy bol bish l ym ghde gaiguiee
  • So many complaints. It is the best in the Seoul street. I think no one will argue with it.
  • Mango tea is the best
  • Arai denduu udaan ymaa zuugch nar haana ch yavad bdiin gants udaa heden minute hulegdintootsoogoo avii gd duudah geher irku tgsn hernee gar archih salfetka ugchku gadaadudin bugs doloigoood guichh ym
  • Recommends the lemon and ginger tea.
  • I love mango tea
  • Chicken Teriyaki is excellent. Nachos are ok. Greek salad is good. Nice atmosphere.
  • Cheese & broccoli soup was not as good as expected...greece salad was okay though...I love mango tea here...
  • Oooh come ooon! Bi uugn mayor oo ih udaan hashisan hun yumsan. Tunatai salad n hamgiin goy!
  • Food was great, one thing - get more space to get more customers.
  • Need more open space!