Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse

Turkish, Steakhouse
$ $
Shopping Park 134, 135-D, North Yard Block (Mingtian Road)
深圳市, 广东 518048
+86 755 8257 4011


  • Awesome, no t be disappointed
  • Top Steak @ Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse Shenzhen @ Birol Dincli
  • Again after a year or so , in same place. Good food ,nicely serviced ,they just told me they opens another branch and an ice cream shop. Good luckprices are in line with good food.70-260 a person.
  • Top Steakhouse Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse by Birol Dincli
  • Wonderful steaks. Had the prime rib with the home made mustard.
  • Kark zgara taba mthi ve ar doyurucu :)
  • Shenzhende keyifle yemek yiyebileceiniz temiz ve dzgn bir yer.
  • Top Quality Steakhouse in Shenzhen Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse by Birol Dincli
  • Asoda short rib slow cooked so yummy
  • Wow NBA legend Paul Pierce at Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse
  • Harika bir yemekti... Teekkrler Birol bey...
  • Ara ara zor buldum ... coco park alveri merkezinin kars #steak #trkiye #turkish #et
  • Excellent food.... excellent team.the food was great.also Turkish coffee
  • One of the best steakhouse in the world and china also all his food is halal so its suitable especially for Muslims , you should try T-bone , Tomahawk and Kunfe and try the traditional turkish tea !!
  • Amazing Top Steak all dry aged by Birol Dincli at Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse
  • Birol Dincli secret recipe its amazing Wagyu beef fillet with butter and rocket leaves at Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse
  • Bus Grill#T-bone # Shenzhen China
  • Bus Grill is the best . Tomahawk is very juicy and delicious..
  • Beyti ve Ali nazik ok lezzetli:)