Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

691 Bloor St. W. (at Clinton St.)
Toronto, ON M6G 1L3


  • When your neighbors arnt looking. Slide over the napkin and spoon containers. Tables are small you need the room!!
  • Kimchi soon tofu (regular spicy) is my favourite. Some of the best side dishes in the neighbourhood, too!
  • #9 on the menu is amazing. (purple rice with BBQ beef. Hands down my favorite Korean restaurant in Toronto in terms of quality and price.
  • Best Soon Tofu soup in Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto), NYC, Chicago... better than my grandmother's!
  • Best Korean in town.
  • Everything is good, if u cant decide seafood combo is a win.
  • Delicious. Omnomnom!
  • Crack your own egg in while it's still boiling!
  • The best Korean restaurant in town!!!
  • Had the Dumpling Soon Tofu and definitely coming back.
  • Perfect on a cold day!
  • If you're veg: Get the soon tofu #6 or bibimbap w/o tofu instead of meat. Ask for no egg, no kimchi (they put fish oil in it) for a vegan experience. They'll bring you extras of the other sides.
  • Delicious! Best Korean for sure.
  • Share a broiled bulgogi dish with the table. Ask for no rice and save $2!
  • Not much to the menu (about 9 items) but the food is great!
  • The lineup can be long and the tables are overcrowded. Waiters are overworked and forgetful. However, prices are low and the tofu soup is highly recommended.
  • Mild is still quite spicy to my white man's palate. But oh so delicious! This is the best soon tofu in Toronto, bar none.
  • split the bibimbap with the kimchiee son tofu soup with a friend. best of both worlds
  • Spicy Korean Tofu Soup
  • Oh I love their purple rice and great combo menu! I often go for the ribs and pork bone soup / tofu soup combo

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