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Kalibata City, Sakura Tower (Jl. Kalibata Raya No. 1)
Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12750


  • Password wifi : martabak or bukukita
  • Ambience cozy
  • interior keren banget cuy, salut ma owner and or designer nya..
  • try this new unique place, cafe and books with fully wifi also.. great place to work with pleasure...
  • Mejanya unik, suasananya berasa di perpustakaan yg hening xD
  • Really nice and cozy enviroment.. Good interior with a free wifi.. The place that u can choose to work and meet up with ur friends..
  • Tempat dan suasana nya sangat mendukung untuk yang mau mengerjakan tugas2 kantor ato kuliah..Sangat tenang dan diiringi musik2 yang asyik
  • Great ambiance
  • Perfect place to read books or do work while you silently sip your coffee
  • Try 'kopi tetes' dan french toast nya.
  • Cozy Places Coffe
  • Cozy place, free wifi, i ordered green tea latte blended, not so good :(
  • Free wifi lemooooottzzz
  • Good place to read and drinking coffee. I ordered hazelnut latte but tasted too sweet and not really hot.
  • Cozy place to do serious things.
  • It's a good place to hangout with friends and do your task :D
  • Yummy food n drink, cozy place, many books n of course WiFi ;-)