Boar's Head Deli

Row 1

Terminal 5 (JFK International Airport)
Queens, NY 11430
(718) 656-6210

Foursquare Tips

  • Make your own sandwich, bring it on the plane!
  • The chipotle chicken sandwich was decent. Has avocado too, all the better!
  • I love the computer order terminals. Easier than yelling order. Needed same for staff so we know which order up.
  • Sounds tasty but remember be patient get in early, relax eat, drink something and relax before getting on board with JetBlue
  • Just hand them your ticket if you've been waiting awhile. The machine goes out of order and randomly skips half the people.
  • Even though you order on a touch screen, don't walk away to get a drink or other snack. They won't make your sandwich until they call your number AND you respond that you are there.
  • Satisfying quick sandwiches
  • Such good bread and meats. Grab a sandwich for your flight and enjoy at 30,000 feet
  • So slowwwwwww!!!!!!! 15 minutes and people in front of me haven't been called yet!
  • Didnt know it was possible to make sandwiches this slowly
  • Great sandwiches xtra everything!!
  • Super tasty sandwiches!
  • Avoid this place. I've been waiting over 20 min for a panini and fries, and it's not busy. Staff is awful, no awareness or urgency. Never again!
  • buffalo chicken panini sandwich is really good
  • Can be a long wait, avoid if in a hurry for flight
  • Yeap. Touch screen is quite confusing as it does not tell u if what u selected is confirmed, so I just repeated the order when try called my number. Annoying.
  • Pretty good food! Fresh, unlike the other questionable food places around
  • You can't order from someone, you have to order from this touch screen thing. Be prepared to start over and over, as this thing doesn't tell you what is what, what costs what, what costs extra, etc.?a
  • Want a sandwich? Then you have to talk to the machine.
  • If you want to wait 20+ minutes for a mediocre turkey sandwich, this is the place to go!

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