Blue Cafe

Bláalónsvegur (Bláa Lónið)
Grindavík, Suðurkjördæmi 2300
+354 420 8800


  • Note to self...don't get the hot dog again.
  • Can't go wrong with a panini or a skyr smoothie.
  • Try the Caesar salad, it's delicious!
  • Free wifi!
  • A bit pricey, but everything tasted fresh. The smoked salmon sandwich was pretty good.
  • koyu kahve iyi gider
  • Quick place for a bite if you don't want a formal dining option at Blue Lagoon.
  • Over-priced barely edible panini for $17: gross. Captive audience.
  • Fann gott kaffihs:)
  • Great food :D
  • Free refill on fountain drinks!
  • Nothing better than a cold coke and some chips after a day in the lagoon :)

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Bláalónsvegur (Bláa Lónið)
Bláalónsvegur (Bláa Lónið)