Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Donuts, Bagels
Alamanda Shopping Centre (G18/19)
Putrajaya, WP Putrajaya 62000


  • only love the chocolate favor .
  • Alien was awesome . You should try
  • Food: 9/10 Services: 9/10
  • Never ever go for the sugary goodness
  • Try mimi lolo or alien! Yummy
  • Lembut lah sangat
  • 12 biji baru cukup
  • The workers always with their phone and unaware we are waiting at the cashier.
  • Wifi password : 07/09/14 : bigapple123
  • Get something simple for tonight.....
  • The best donut ever
  • The alien is the best
  • If you're feeling for an adventure, try out a few donuts with the wierdest and funniest name. You wont regret it :)
  • Where's my fav durian donut??...oreo pun ok lah..
  • Say cheese and yammy yamato are my favourite
  • Once a while shud be ok
  • Donut yg sangattt sedappppp. ..
  • Singgah duduk kejap ye brader. Waa penat laa.
  • Ono oreo ftw! Hahehihohu
  • Hazelnut iced sedap. Chocolate iced tak sedap. Maybe sbb terlalu bercoklat kot

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