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157 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
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Mon–Thu: Noon–4:00 PM Fri: Noon–4:00 PM Sat: Noon–10:30 PM Sun: Noon–10:00 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • Dreams come true! Think Xian with more options and seating in a nice space. Order the young chicken noodles, big enough for two. Start with the skewers. Tip: mild is already spicy
  • Mt. Qi Pork Biang-Biang Noodles - Spicy and sour diced pork belly meat, spiced with star anise, with wide hand-ripped noodles
  • The cucumber salad,string beans, spinach dumplings, and hot oil seared noodles are to die for! Spicy lovers, this is the place for you!!
  • So good! Had it 3x last week - very addicting. Love all the lamb dishes!
  • The spicy cumin lamb noodles are out of this world and I loved the quail eggs with the pork sausage. The skewers are really good as well.
  • Amazing. Delicious. Order the beef, lamb or short rib noodles. Tender melting meat with huge flavor.Order the pickled cucumbers. The tofu skin is surprisingly good. Dip it in the pickled cucumbers.
  • Definitely get a bunch of skewers. The young chicken is also so so so good.
  • So excited this is finally in the city! A more comfortable, sit-down version of its cousin Xi'an at the same prices. If you like spice, go for the "more spicy."
  • Beware: their chrysthanamum tea has flowers in it that makes it hard to drink. Food is great though!
  • Delicious spot to sit and enjoy some delicious noodle meals. Cumin Lamb is a personal favorite. Try the skewers too if youre hungry.
  • spicy double pork
  • Great food and easy environment. Can't go wrong with noodles and spinach dumplings for vegetarians.
  • I crave the spicey lamb noodles!
  • Dry lamb noodles are really good
  • Here's your chance to have Xi'an in a sit down setting! Mt. Qi pork noodles are still
  • Spicy cucumber salad, hot oil seared noodles, and sweet and sour short ribs (if they have them as a special). Biang!
  • The noodle gurus at Xian Famous Foods (and its sit-down spinoff) clearly have a way with dough and meat, so its no surprise that their spicy and sour lamb dumplings are incredible.
  • Came here for baiju, oxtail, lamb skewers, and a carafe of chrysanthemum tea. The tea had slightly syrupy texture, but tasted great. Baiju was strong, oxtail cooked well, and lamb was phenomenal.
  • Get the pork noodles! So flavorful.
  • The cucumber salad was surprisingly great. My dad is crazy about the cumin lamb noodles.