Beigel Bake

159 Brick Ln
London, Greater London E1 6SB
+44 20 7729 0616


  • Open 24/7, this bakery exudes a rough Cockney charm. Main attractions: salt beef and an entertaining customer mix.
  • "A legendary stop-off for late-night revellers, but you will find queues of varying lengths here whatever time of day you drop by..."
  • Salt Beef Bagel (Time Out London's 100 Best Dishes)
  • Omg they're totally soup nazi here. Keep the line moving, don't ask questions!
  • The salted beef beigel is delicious (don't forget the mustard). Staff's not rude, just busy. Pro tip: Ask them when there's a next round of hot-out-of-the-oven beigels being served. Then get a dozen.
  • When it's late and only salt beef will do (go here, not next door)
  • If they're not rude I means they don't love you.
  • Salt Beef Beigel FTW
  • Open 24-hours! Midnight cravings :)
  • The bagels here are amazing! And so cheap! Great value. The smoked salmon and cream cheese one is delicious. But the salt beef is the best here! So good, and very plentiful. The mustard is hot!
  • Great for late night snacks!
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese heaven.
  • - , . 1 - .
  • Many people ask me for tips on the beigel shop with the yellow vs the white sign. I go to white for salt beef, for simple butter and cheese, and for plain. For prepared things I choose the yellow.
  • Sober enough to check in, drunk enough to post this
  • Famous bagels open 24 hours
  • You haven't really been on a night out East if you haven't been here on the way home. Best salt beef in London.
  • The salt beef bagel is not to be missed
  • Beigel Bake's salt beef bagel with mustard and a gherkin is the only food I crave when I leave London. Don't forget to ask for the gherkin!
  • Salt beef bagel with mayo is a good idea if you're not a mustard fan like me. My mate also recommends the smoked salmon bagel. Great taste and super cheap at 1.40

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