Beavers Coffee & Donuts Truck

Food Truck, Donuts


  • These doughnuts are ridiculously good. They're usually hot when you get them (heavenly) so powdered-sugar based toppings tend to melt.
  • Pretty sure this place pumps the smell of their donuts and coffee into the air to lure people over. Their truck was parked at Wabash & VanBuren and I smelled it starting at Harold Washington Library.
  • Donuts are amazing. Not too sweet, soft and fluffy, just so good! Get a dozen. But probably two. Everyone will love you!
  • Pretty much crave the "Grandma" doughnuts - honey with graham cracker bits - every single day when I wake up.
  • If you could locate this donut truck, you will be waiting to taste donuts that actually taste like heaven. This is coming from a person who don't eat sweets but when I tried them, I've been a stalker!
  • Made to order happiness! Get the chocolate powdered & the Cuban coffee!
  • The donuts are so good! You can smell them a mile away!!!
  • Stay away from the coffee, just get the donuts
  • I love the donuts sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • Cuban coffee and dainty delectable doughnuts perfect whenever on the go (however cold and/or windy it gets)
  • Wow the mini donuts are great. Fresh made on the truck, cinnamon sugar is the best topping.
  • Their fresh donuts are divine! I always catch the free smells on my way to class on Wednesdays at Wabash+Van Buren
  • The pumpkin donuts are sooooooo good. :-)
  • My go to. Just go for the cinnamon and you'll be happy
  • Beaver's has to be my favorite food truck. These doughnuts are the amount of sweet and served warm. Heavenly!
  • Their taste menu sucks
  • Don't bother
  • Cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar are the best!
  • Their donuts are AMAZING!! If you havent had one, you are seriously missing out. I am a big fan of the basics.