Bandana's Bar-B-Q

10800 Pear Tree Ln #2
Saint Ann, MO 63074
(636) 537-8200



  • Try the pork. It's awesome. Yum.
  • Side salad is worthless, only one dressing option. Decent BBQ food. I like having multiple sauce options. Spicy is my favorite.
  • Kansas City bbq sauce.....enough said.
  • The pork was really good, ribs were tasty but a little tough. The spicy sauce is good but not spicy at all. They don't have Tabasco or anything similar.
  • This is the type of place the big chain should strive to be like. Had a platter of ribs, pork and beef. All delicious and all the sauces are great also. I'd say if you were to pick just one, pork.
  • Best place for a beer after working or traveling on a plane
  • Beef was delicious
  • The turkey salad was superb& the dry chicken wings was good also.
  • Boiled peanuts - green peanuts boiled in a brine sauce. #24hourfoodgeek #tuesdaylunch This southern delicacy makes peanuts that have a little bit firmer consistency then peas!
  • Pork sandwich reminded me of something I would get at a pig roast. The ribs were not great, skip those.
  • Pretty good food. Nice wait staff. They need more draft beer options, IMHO
  • It is pretty good
  • Great smoked sausage, wings, and nachos. Ribs were tasty but very tough. Could barely pull them apart. Waitress friendly, but kept grabbing check before we paid. Never asked if we wanted another beer.
  • Ribs were overcooked
  • The nachos are amazing. Every sauce is good; the spicy isn't very hot but is fantastic.
  • Don't come here for the cards game. They don't have it on any of their 15 tv's.
  • Right next to the Marriott, make sure to get some burnt ends. Best Q I have ever had.
  • The food is amazing! Staff is always friendly!
  • Absolutely incredible service and the Original Sauce is excellent! Nicely done Bandana's!
  • The sweet tea is to die for!