Bakmi Orpa

$ $
Jalan Malaka II No.25
Jakarta, Jakarta
+62 21 6912450


  • Please be careful to eat the others food in this restaurant ( price problem )
  • Bakmi paling enak sedunia!!!! (containing pork) Nom.. Nom... Nom...
  • Most expensive noodle,noodle for the rich,u can see rolls royce parking there often.Chicken/pork noodle 40k, it was so good,u dont even need to order any side dish or put sauce to make it taste better
  • Bfast after church
  • Great noodle brunch place. The fried meatballs & sweet potato balls are a must try. Don't be alarmed, here no receipt is given for your orders. Just pay, and ponder how much they cost on your own.
  • Mie ayamnya enaaakk..baso tahunya enakkk..tapi pas bayar..ngga enakk..Mengejutkan !! Moahaaall...
  • Signature flat noodle with combination of pork & chicken toppings, with optional beef balls / pangsit. Taste & smell real good, especially since they're using abundant fresh lard in it.
  • Aa
  • Bakmi paling mahal!!!tapi enaaakk!!
  • Bakmi Babi 50k and everything that 25k things kue basah n es kopi susu Oke but for mie its too High Price
  • Mehong......................................................
  • Our all time favourite
  • Price are terrible expensive for 4 noodles and 13 fried dumplings for Rp.410,000. If we are not rich enough we can accept those crazy prices
  • How can I describe bakmi Orpa? A chewy and smooth chicken noodles....
  • Simply the best noodles in town
  • Still yummy
  • the noodle does not expand whilst in the stomach. Price is more expensive than any other place. Worthwhile if you can eat (or allowed to eat or limit yourself to eat) noodle once in a blue moon.
  • Over rated.. expensive compare to the taste.. you can find better taste of noodle in Jakarta with cheaper price..
  • One of the best pork noodle in Jakarta! Lots of people say it's one of the priciest too! Haha.. But you should try it at least once
  • No comment bout the price. But the pork noodle

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