Aoki's Shave Ice

66-117 Kamehameha Hwy (at Haleiwa Rd)
Hale‘iwa, HI 96712
(508) 555-2368


  • why wait in line at matsumoto's...go here - same ting!
  • Read the sign when you enter on how to order, and def try the North Shore with Vanilla ice cream!
  • The Shave Ice shakes are my families favorite... We favor the blue Hawaii, vanilla, Melona and Lychee flavors!
  • Don't wait at Marsumoto's!!! Just walk across the parking lot to get a shaved ice with better flavors and almost no line EVER!!
  • Aoki's is better than matsumotos (tourists tend to flock to matsumotos even though it isn't ad good!)
  • Did taste test vs Matsumoto-- Aoki's is clear winner!
  • HEALTH TIP: Sugar Free Flavors.They offer really great sugar free flavored shave ice here. Great for diabetics like me. This is what I get every time I come here.
  • Ice is more airy than Matsumoto's down the street. Service is friendlier too.
  • Bypass both here AND Matsumoto's since the best ice shave places are in town. Aoki's ice is chunky and syrup tends to end up on the bottom, leaving you with more lightly flavored ice on top.
  • Azuki beans are great!
  • Amazingly delicious!! Get the ice cream on the bottom :) Blue Hawaii ROCKS!!
  • Definitely worth the wait. Much better than Matsumoto.
  • Like the ice better than Matsumoto's. Get the snow cap!
  • the small is big enough for two if you get ice cream! get the volcano and vanilla ice cream! so good :) they are so friendly here!
  • The new Shark's Bite flavor is great, but banana is always best. We come every day of our yearly trip & are loyal to Aoki's. Matsumoto's is too touristy. Aoki's is way friendlier!
  • The "North Shore" is a hit here.
  • Strawberry is a little too sweet but lychee is amazing. Try it with both the vanilla ice cream and azuki beans!
  • Aoki's is now closed for business
  • The line was decent compared to Motsimoto's. I dug the ice cream mixed in
  • Aoki's has moved directly across the street from Matsumoto's, next Haleiwa Bowls! Both are the best!

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