Amy's Ice Creams

Ice Cream
10000 Research Blvd (at Arboretum)
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 345-1006



  • Get the Mexican vanilla
  • Get the Mexican vanilla
  • This is the best location. Try a root beer float with Mexican Vanilla which is actually the best flavor of ice cream on the planet.
  • Super excellent ice cream and great folks behind the counter.
  • Black cow = coffee walnuts Oreos and hot fudge = awesome
  • been getting Belgian Chocolate milk shakes for 15 years+ ;-)
  • Excelente mexican vanilla
  • Get the Mexican Vanilla and make a Big Red float!
  • Get a brown cow, eet's deelicious
  • Mexican vanilla shake is amazing
  • Wanna eat your ice cream before it melts? Pay individually. When you wait in line with your guests it's NOT first come first serve; they help GROUPS (not people) in the order they push thru the line.
  • Mexican Vanilla is where it is at! Next time I'm doing this with the cookie dough.
  • Bring cash, they don't take plastic
  • Try the Cop Stop. I mean, c'mon, you can't go wrong with coffee-flavored ice cream and bits of donut.
  • Try the Wait...What??
  • Two favorites: Mexican vanilla and Chocolate Guinness with hot fudge topping.
  • Great Art here!
  • Amy's has reduced the size of their ice creams significanly .
  • Love the Mexican Vanilla
  • Mexican vanilla!

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