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4001 Birney Ave
Moosic, PA 18507



  • You check-in, but you never get out. Kinda like Hotel California! This place sucks. If you aren't doing anything after dinner, it's great. Be prepared to wait for 2-4 hours for the ENTREE
  • Saltimbocca is very good. Best Ive had in 10 years
  • Make reservations. Never a bad meal here. Servers are nice. Food is humongous and tasty! Bruschetta, calamari, lasagna and salmon are all top notch.
  • Phenomenal food and absolutely wonderful staff.
  • Never had a bad meal here
  • Wonderful place to eat, everything made fresh to order. Plan an a good hour to hour and half for dinner it is well worth the wait!!
  • Simply the best restaurant in the area. Everything on the menu is made to order. The wait staff is friendly and the cooks are incredible. Enjoy!
  • I've been here an hour an a half. For Gnocchi. My mom's been ready for her chicken franchise too. Never go here