Al Madinah Restaurant

Row 1

#01-21/22, Orchard Plaza (150 Orchard Rd)
Singapore, 238841

Foursquare Tips

  • Roti prata here is awesome!!!! The fish curry is my fav!!! :))
  • The food here is great! Briyani here is also not bad! :)
  • Used to have good service. Cam here alot of times but recently they ran out of chicken, seafood etc but yummy food :-)
  • Teh tarik thumbs up
  • Pratta is nice yum yum
  • I tried the Nasi Goreng Thai.. Its quite good too! I'll give 4/5! :)
  • Egg Prata and Teh Tarik
  • Maggie goreng is sedap!
  • Service is good! Friendly people! :)
  • Halal Muslim food at un-Orchard Rd-ly prices!! :p
  • Had a nasi goring chicken sambal. Generous portion, tasty, reasonably priced.
  • Home made ice lemon tea is the best around
  • Mutton Murtabak is delicious
  • Prata dan Teh tareknya mantapppp
  • Good breakfast place.
  • Good service! He remade my ice lemon tea!
  • The Service Suck TTM! CB uh those china fellas.
  • I'll give a rate on the Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis is not that bad.. Out of 5 prolly I'll give it a 3/5..
  • Kopi katai peng is gooood!
  • Price keep increasing...