Aberdeen Centre Food Court

Food Court
4151 Hazelbridge Way (Browngate Rd)
Richmond, BC V6X 3R8
(604) 270-1234


  • Must get item: chicken winngs from Wu Fung
  • Remember to bring cash.
  • Free wifi baby!
  • Good hainanese chicken from cafe delite
  • Try the special sauces at Teppan Kitchen! Love the garlic butter soy sauce with the tonkatsu!
  • Try the xiao long bao (aka steamed juicy buns or Shanghai dumplings) at Shanghai Shanghai! Delicate skins and juicy - my favorite!
  • The Chicken wings are no longer good.
  • I got numb at the mouth when eating Wonton. I'm not sure how it cause. Did it cause by their seasoning or MSG?
  • A wide selection of asian food.
  • Cafe D-lite Hainanese Chicken is delicious! Of course you have to get the bubble waffles or the waffle cake (filled with peanut butter and condensed milk) from Bubble Waffle.
  • Saboten is the best! Tenderloin is perfectly fried.
  • Tons of awesome Asian food choice
  • A great place to stop right by the airport, you can find all kinds of Asian chains and treats here, including Saboten, our favorite tonkatsu from Japan, and snow ice places.
  • Highly recommend Bubble Waffle. The options are endless with their create your own noodle bowl. Super affordable too!
  • There's always someone elderly or with family that bring their food from home and eat it in the food court.
  • Leung Kee sometimes screw up your order or nausea you wait due to their seemingly inefficient ordering system.
  • Most places here are cash only.
  • Wifi is horrible. Pretty much unusable.
  • Very busy mall. Lacks seating.
  • Stay away from the poutine Vera's burger shack. Very disappointing. = (

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4151 Hazelbridge Way
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