$5 Pizza

9590 Noble Pkwy N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
(763) 315-5011


  • The guy at the counter had no idea what the tuesday special was. I could have said 17 cans of pop and a mop bucket. He would have believed me.
  • Great pizza for $5. Pan crust is thin so it may not be really filling like Little Caesars but flavor and texture are superb! Cheese bread is delicious but ask for extra marinara.
  • It's not like Little Caesar's. You have to order ahead of time or sit around and wait. :-(
  • Check your pizza before you leave with it. It may not be what you ordered.
  • Well at least your pizza is made fresh and not sitting in a warmer for two hours like other cheap pizza places.
  • Great pizza, great price, needs better customer service and a loyalty club would be awesome
  • So much for customer always right...wanted to get pizza but not cooked...we would cook later at home but couldn't do it...papa Johns bound..
  • C'mon, it's FIVE DOLLAR PIZZA! What a steal!