3G Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian / Vegan
$ $
3424 Cambie St. (Btw 18th & 19th)
Vancouver, BC V5Y 2B1
(604) 568-9008


  • Amazing stir-fry udon with kelp, and very impressive fried rice with pine nuts and taro. Also check out their vegetarian dim sum place a block down.
  • Hit this place up during their lunch hour for some delicious dim sum!
  • The veggie pork bun is delicious!
  • I liked the gyoza myself but the the spinach dumplings were amazing.
  • Honey pepper veggie 'chicken'. So peppery, so sweet! Also, veggie drumsticks.
  • Order the Vegan Drumsticks, steal one of the 'bones'
  • I recommend the daikon cakes and wonton.
  • Spinach dim sum was delicious!
  • I want to like this place. Good service and all but the food is just so bland.
  • "Chicken" drumsticks are really yummy
  • get the vegan bbq "pork" buns. i am still dreaming about them.
  • vegetarian dim sum!
  • Decent cheap chinese food.
  • Delicious vegan chinese food!
  • I accidentally got the Gyoza again and this time it was really nice.. disregard my earlier advice ;)
  • The veggie "chicken" drumstick lives up to the hype and is worth try. Still sitting here amazed that its soy.
  • Vegan http://www.happycow.net/north_america/canada/british_columbia/vancouver/
  • Great Spinach soup. Give it a try.
  • The dim sum gyoza is not very good - avoid it - but everything else we had was great!

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