Restaurants kick off Super Bowl promos


Super Bowl XLVI will be the year’s most important game not only for the New York Giants and New England Patriots, but also for the restaurant industry.

The Feb. 5 contest is one of the biggest sales days for several pizza and wing brands, and many other chains not normally thought of for party food are planning big offers this year.

According to estimates from the National Restaurant Association, 48 million Americans will order takeout or delivery food from a restaurant while watching the Super Bowl. Another 12 million people are expected to visit a restaurant or bar to watch the game.

Day of dough for pizza chains

Pizza Patrón, the Dallas-based chain of 100 restaurants in seven states, is hoping not only to sell lots of pizza, but also to remind its customers that it offers chicken wings and several dips, said brand director Andrew Gamm.

“Super Bowl Sunday is not the biggest day of the year for us, but it’s in the top four or five, and we want to improve and capture more business,” Gamm said.

Pizza Patrón has introduced four new Party Paquetazos — which means “combo” in Spanish and is pitched toward the chain’s core Hispanic demographic — combining wings, large pepperoni pizzas and five-piece orders of QuesoStix. They range in size from a $34.99 Paquetazo of 30 wings, two orders of QuesoStix, two pizzas and three dips, to an $84.99 combo of 90 wings, four orders of QuesoStix, four pizzas and eight dips.

Wings are featured prominently because Pizza Patron is hoping to become a one-stop shop on game day for customers, who told chain officials that they often were making two trips to buy pizza and wings from separate restaurants, Gamm added.

“On average, wings are between 10 percent and 14 percent of our sales mix, but since they’re so synonymous with the Super Bowl, we saw an opportunity to capitalize,” he said. “We matched ourselves up against some wing concepts and what they offer, and tried to create the benefit that for the same price, you get pizzas in your deal as well.”

The brand isn’t hoping for just a rush of these party orders on Super Bowl Sunday, Gamm said, but hopes to kick off continued orders of the Paquetazos throughout the year.

“Our franchisees immediately asked if they could run this all year,” he said. “With our Hispanic-customer focus, soccer is real big with them, and that season runs through early June. We developed our POP and marketing materials to run for an extended period of time.”

Papa John’s Pizza also is looking to get a yearlong boost from the game as the official sponsor of Super Bowl XLVI and the National Football League. This year the Louisville, Ky.-based brand is tying a nationwide giveaway to the Super Bowl’s pregame coin toss, and is advertising the promotion with commercials starring founder John Schnatter and football players Peyton Manning and Jerome Bettis.

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Through Feb. 1, people can vote at to predict whether the coin toss will come up heads or tails. If a majority of Americans vote the correct call, the more than 3,000-unit pizza chain will give away a one-topping pizza and a two-liter bottle of soda to every customer enrolled in its Papa Rewards online-loyalty program, to be redeemed the day after the Super Bowl.

“This won’t be an easy call for America, but as the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, it’s an easy call for Papa John’s to offer a promotion like this to our loyal customers,” Schnatter said in a statement. “The Super Bowl is the largest stage in all of sports, and it’s the biggest sales day of the year for us.”

Papa John’s set a single-day sales record last Super Bowl Sunday, selling more than 1 million pizzas.