Staff Meal Food Truck

Food Truck
12 South St
Boston, MA
(617) 209-9244



What should you get when you order from Boston’s Staff Meal truck? Per the truck’s name and philosophy, whatever you’re lucky enough to be served. As anyone who has ever even spent time with someone who has worked in the restaurant industry knows, staff meal is what the front and back of house employees (if they’re lucky to have enough time between prepping) eat each day in those last moments before the dinner rush. Depending on the restaurant (and how much pride the cook making family meal has), staff meal can either be something tremendous or wildly forgettable.


In this case, the truck’s Brian Dennehy takes the pride approach, noting on Staff Meal’s site, "We like to think we've made some pretty tasty staff meals over the years and we'd like to share those meals with everyone." There’s still something of an element of staff meal though: unpredictability. Will you be feasting on Hamdouille (hot ham and Andouille salad) with pickles and oyster crackers? Or beef blood meatballs in marinara with provolone and crispy shallots. Perhaps crab stick and scallion cream cheese, wontons, and apple butter? Who knows, just don’t mention their archrival, Boston’s Phantom Gourmet. — Arthur Bovino, 11/13/2012


TWITTER: @staffmealtruck


  • Raises the bar for food trucks everywhere! Try the house-made pork head cheese, the chorizo, and the Arepas. Bruschetta is always a good bet.
  • Chorizo sandwich with sardo cheese, chimichurri sauce, and marinated red peppers is a great weekday lunch, even better as a 2 a.m. weekend snack.
  • Named "Best Food Truck" by Boston Phoenix readers in 2012! Have you had the Moroccan lamb tacos topped off with harissa roasted peppers and ras el hanout?
  • A food-truck standout, Staff Meal is the brainchild of former fine-dining chefs. The experience shows. Just check out sandwiches of such foodstuffs as foie gras and pigs ears.
  • One word: Love. Best today though was their Chinese sausage steam buns and for a snack foie gras baklava.