Restaurant Kuala Selangor

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Kuala Selangor, Selangor


  • Salted Eggs Mantis Prawn, Seafood Curry, Crab meat with Tauhu soup
  • Horrible service! Waited for almost an hour to be served with only utensils and melted plastic bowls! When served, some items are left out. Asked about it, asked us to cancel, pay and leave. Rude!
  • Crabs in Black Pepper Sauce, messy but tasty!
  • The food especially Kam heong crabs are delicious. The fried squid is good as well. The steamed lalas is awesome.
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  • Singgah sahur
  • Butter Crab and Salted egg Crab yang TERBAEKK dan reasonably priced!!
  • Never try the oyster. It look big but taste horrible! The prawn is half cooked! Meat inside is cold. When voice out, they say is like that one. Food very bad and service suck!
  • Food lose out to Hai Ung seafood which is juz nx door. Vegas is too old