René Redzepi in a Japanese Photo Booth, and More from Noma

René Redzepi’s Instagram account gives us some fun insights into the Noma team’s adventures in Japan

Here’s What the Noma Team Has Been Up to in Japan

The Noma team has officially landed in Japan and begun the first leg of its international foraging and pop-up adventure, and based on René Redzepi’s Instagram, here’s what we know so far:

The team landed in Okinawa and celebrated with a hilariously cheesy staff photo. Chef Redzepi, bright-eyed and sparkling, is in the upper right corner.



Team noma landed in Japan

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Shortly after, Redzepi discovered “the tiniest and sweetest variety of banana” he has ever eaten, in Ishigakijima (Ishigaki Island).



The tiniest and sweetest variety of banana I've tried. Found in ishigakijima Japan

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A day later, the chef found what might possibly be the biggest fiddlehead fern ever, and shared it on Instagram with the hashtag #timburton.



Is this the biggest fiddle head ever? #japan #timburton

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The Noma pop-up at The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo will open in January and extend until February 14. Noma will close for the winter holidays on December 20, and reopen in Copenhagen in late March of 2015.

For more of the Noma team’s culinary adventures in Japan, follow René Redzepi on Instagram and Twitter.

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