Remembering Leslie Land

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The Daily Meal remembers admired food and gardening journalist, Leslie Land
Lynn Karlin

The Daily Meal's tribute to Leslie Land.

The food world lost a well-respected and beloved food journalist this past weekend. On Saturday, Aug. 10, writer Leslie Land passed away after a battle with breast cancer, and will be remembered as a loving wife, mother, and journalist.

Land had her start in the food industry as the opening chef at Chez Panisse in the 1970s, but is better known for her writing about food, cooking, and gardening. With works published in Home and Garden, The New York Times Magazine, and four cookbooks, Land brought food and cooking to her readers in the kitchen, in the garden, and as her website puts it, "all around the house.”"

Land’s work covered everything from recipes and cooking advice to gardening tips and botanical information, and her unique way of connecting the soil with the dinner plate through her writing will be forever missed.  

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