Registry Redux: The Roundup

We’re recapping last week’s rundown of all the must-haves after your big day

Throw a garden party with these quaint dishes!

Once the wedding cake has been eaten and the dance floor has cleared, it's time to enjoy your newlywed bliss, but do you have everything you need?

Post-wedding and post-honeymoon, reality will finally set in. It's finally time to reap the rewards of all of the planning and the prepping that you’ve been busy with! Make sure you’re ready to relax and begin your fabulous life together at home — with all the essentials! 

Here are the basics for cooking, entertaining, dining, and living well at home: 

Registry Redux: Serving Ware Start hosting up a storm with these ideal add-ons to your registry. Serving platters, gravy boats, china, and every type of bowl you can dream of. 

Registry Redux: Equipment Essentials KitchenAid Standing Mixer — that’s all you need to know apparently, if The Daily Meal staff has any say about it.

Registry Redux: Cutlery Essentials How will you eat all these meals you're cooking if you don’t have the right knives to do so? Zwilling’s Jeffery Elliot dishes on all that’s sharp.

Registry Redux: Cookware Essentials Let’s get cooking! What kinds of pots do you need? Pans? The possibilities are endless, but here’s a guide to where you should start looking! 

Registry Redux: Flatware The skinny on forks, knives, spoons — in all different shapes and sizes. Intimidated? Don’t be. We have you covered.