Registry Basics: Knives

Whether you like to cook or love to throw a party (or both), every newlywed couple should have a good set of knives. As private chefs, these are our must-haves.

Before registering, we recommend that you spend time in the store handling the different knives in each of the variety of styles knife manufacturers make. You want to make sure your knife fits well in your hand, and is the right size and weight for your needs. While we love the heft of a Wüsthof chef's knife and the precision of Shun knives, you may prefer the feel of a Global or Zwilling J.A. Henckels knife. At this level of craftsmanship, it's a matter of personal preference. We dare you to collect your favorite knives from different companies to craft your own personalized knife block.

In addition to kitchen workhorses like serrated bread and paring knives, don't forget the knives you need for entertaining, like a good set of steak knives and tools for cutting cheese.

While registering, also consider how you're going to store your knives. Think about upkeep, as well. Will you have someone keep your knives sharp, or do you need to purchase a sharpener or stone? At the very least, every home cook should have a steel.

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