Regal Cinemas Beach Boulevard 18

Row 1

14051 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32250
(844) 462-7342
Movie Theater, Cineplex
Mon–Sun: 11:00 AM–11:30 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Steer clear of the older ticket lady
  • First off, the check in special is false. On Sunday's, ticket prices are $6 before 3p and $7.50 after 3p. Also, there are $2 hot dogs and $3 nachos on Sunday's. That's a bargain!
  • This is Steve went to go see Prometheus at the Regal the first show wing through out the City of Jacksonville .The movie was Awesome! I would go see it again.
  • Concessionists are the best!
  • Sunday movies are $6 now!
  • Make sure you have a Regal card. You can rack up points and get free things.
  • This theater is clean and friendly place to great movie without breaking the bank. I recommend getting a regal movie crown card; it is great card and offer great rewards such popcorn and a drink.
  • always be nice to your ticket tearers
  • I got the Regal Crown Card awhile ago - every few movies I get something free - like food or a movie! They have yummy Slurpies too.
  • For #IronMan3 - Stay through the credits... all of them!
  • $1 Kid Movies at 10:00AM every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer starting in June.
  • Go to the one at the Avenues. It's way better. I always leave this place and feel so yucky!
  • Do not come on 5$ Sunday ----!! Total insanity!!! I'd rather pay full price and not have to deal with the crowds--
  • 3d theater now.
  • $5 Sunday movies rock!
  • We love the $5 Sunday movies
  • They are really bad about telling people to shut up before the movie starts. Also 30 minutes of trailers AFTER the posted start time?? And not a single "please don't talk during the movie" screen. smh
  • Seems like it's seen better days and the seats and auditoriums may need to be renovated with more modern seating.
  • Josh and I saw TMNT last night....pretty awesome...
  • Value day Sunday is now $6 before 3:00p and $7.50 after 3:00p. 3D is $3.50 more.