Red Shed

Bar, Pub, Sports Bar
406 N Frances St
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 256-2214



  • Long Islands in a Mason Jar. Don't make the mistake of drinking more than 1.
  • Best long island in Madison
  • Long Islands are the only way to go.
  • Welcome to your first mistake of the evening!
  • Play Eazy-E on the Juke Box! "Real Muthaphuckin G's"!
  • Don't drink more than 3 real things. You won't remember the 4th.
  • Lady bouncer on a power trip
  • Order a roofie colada. You won't regret it.
  • No cash? No problem! Hit the ATM conveniently located indoors and have a great time!
  • Why are the bathrooms always overflowing?
  • Hooters chicks comes here often to hang. Party up bitches.
  • The bar tender here is an ass.
  • Look out ladies!
  • Not sure what to get? Look for the tall, blonde guy named Pete. He's a Red Shed regular and makes great suggestions.
  • Long islands are off the chain
  • The hot water doesn't work in the men's restroom!
  • The bartenders here are douchrbags
  • One of the bartenders is so hot!
  • you have to go at least once and have a long island ice tea
  • Get a "Real Thing". Its a long island in a mason jar.

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